The OBISTACK 420 is able to process either small fully dried or ironed pieces like face-towels, tea towels, terry towels, various restaurant items and other flat pieces with maximum dimensions 450 x 400mm. Larger dimensions on request.

The OBISTACK 420 can be used as stand-alone unit or put behind the ironer/sheet folder for final processing of small pieces.
The OBISTACK 420 counts, positions and stacks various pieces. A bundling unit is included, however if an alternative kind of packing is required, the bundling unit can be removed.

The OBISTACK 420 can also make a single-fold. In each program this folding option can be activated or de-activated.


Maximum piece dimensions: 450x400mm (larger dimensions on request)
Max. production capacity: 3000 pcs/hr
Air pressure: 7 bar
Air connection: ≥ 10mm
Air consumption: 10 m3/hr
Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 1 kWh
Machine length (excl./incl. table): 2544 / 3742mm
Machine width: 1096mm
Machine height: 1175mm
Machine length and width excludingfinal conveyor belt


Watch the OBISTACK 420 in action